Study A Level & IB in the UK with Oxbridge Preparation

Success at A Level or International Baccalaureate (IB) allows you to choose the right university and degree from every UK university and many other top universities worldwide.

‘Advanced Levels’ are the UK public university entrance examinations and are recognised worldwide. UK A Levels give you the in-depth preparation you need to excel in the most demanding and competitive degree courses.

A level students usually have a clear idea of the subject they want to study at university. You can choose from a wide range of subjects including science, maths, languages, humanities and the arts. A-levels will allow you to gain entry to the most competitive degree courses at the full range of UK universities.

UK A Level program is:

  • 3-5 subjects studied over two years (5- or 3- term fast-track available for students with very high English Language levels and excellent academic achievements)
  • Assessment takes place via coursework or exams for individual modules throughout the course
  • The most widely studied pre-university qualification in the UK
  • Provides access to the widest choice of universities

A level classes are kept small.  You will benefit from the close personal attention of a teacher who is a dedicated expert in their academic field. You will study Key Skills and Critical Thinking, along with four subjects on the five or six-term programme and three or four subjects on the three-term program.

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It is for motivated students interested in a broad range of subjects, who may not yet have decided what they want to specialize in at University.

IB students usually have a strong interest in the world around them and current affairs. They are expected to work hard and take part in social and cultural activities as well as academic study. The IB program provides a broad overview of subjects from a range of disciplines, including science, languages, humanities and the arts. It is ideal for students who have a wide range of interests, and who want to explore these interests further before specializing at university.

IB Program is:

  • 6 subjects studied over two years plus 3 additional modules: Theory of Knowledge, Creativity Action and Service and an Extended Essay
  • Assessment: Final exams at the end of two years, plus coursework, CAS, extended essay and presentations.
  • Is recognized by the best universities worldwide
  • Has a particular focus on international studies and relating subjects to events in the real world

If you have exceptional academic ability, your ambition might be to graduate to either Oxford or Cambridge University or a UK medical school. These institutions are some of the most competitive in the world. You will need specialist preparation in addition to your excellent academic qualifications. Some college offer this tailor-made oxbridge preparation for the very best students on the A Level program or IB Program.

Ancient, historic and regarded globally as the pinnacle of degree-level studies, Oxford and Cambridge are the UK’s two premier universities with worldwide reputations for academic excellence. The typical Oxbridge preparation (provided by Bellerbys College) includes:

  • Regular formal discussions about current affairs, news and events to develop cultural enrichment and communication skills
  • Continuous assessment of work progress in homework, tests and examinations to maintain required standards
  • Preparation for university face-to-face interviews, which includes the opportunity to discuss interview techniques and meet former students studying at Oxford or Cambridge
  • Weekly ‘Insights Into Western Philosophy’ seminars
  • Additional classes in Maths, Economics and Physics for students applying for these subjects and who may have to take a STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) or the AEA (Advanced Extension Award).

Pre-medical school preparation is as for ‘Oxbridge’, but also includes (as provided by Bellerbys college):

  • Visits be medical school staff together with work experience and mock interviews
  • Preparation for the UKCAT and BMAT medical entry tests.

Students applying to read Medicine also have weekly meetings where they can study the college guide to applying for Medicine, give talks on topical issues in Medicine, arrange to undertake voluntary work in hospitals, clinics or old people’s homes and report back to the group on their experiences, and discuss the kind of questions asked at interview.

If your aim is Oxford or Cambridge, then you may wish to study with these colleges:

Bellerbys College (A Level Program)

At Bellerbys we have a 20-year record of exceptional A Level results.  It is proof of the excellent teaching and support each of our students receives – coupled with the hard work and dedication of the students themselves.

This year, Bellerbys A Level students – across all centres – achieved first-class A Level results, proving yet again that Bellerbys College is the very best route to a top UK university for international students.

  • 60% of all A Levels taken at Bellerbys were graded A*-A
  • 92% of all A Levels taken at Bellerbys were graded A*-C
  • 38% progressed on to degrees at the UK’s top 10 ranked universities

Read on for more information about which universities our A Level students went on to:

University of Oxford (Ranked No. 1)

Student Name Home Country Grades Degree
Yi Nan China A*A*A*A* Engineering
Zuzana Chlupackova Czech A*A*A*AA Philosophy, Politics & Economics

University of Cambridge (Ranked No. 2)

Student Name Home Country Grades Degree
Xuan Dung Nguyen Vietnam A*A*A*Ac Chemical Engineering
Kevin Surya Widjaja Indonesia A*A*A*A*A Chemical Engineering
Haiwen Zhang Chinese A*A*AAA Economics

London School of Economics (Ranked No. 3)

Student Name Home Country Grades Degree
Abdulbasit Abdulrahim Nigeria A*AAA Philosophy & Economics
Teo Poh Ee Malaysia A*A*A*A*Aaa Mathematics and Economics
Quynh Mai Le Vietnam A*A*A*B Economics
Gor Don Loo Malaysia A*AAa Law
Quyen Ngoc Nguyen Vietnam A*A*A*A Economics
Vu Anh Ngoc Nguyen Vietnam A*A*Aa International Relations
Zehao Sun Chinese AABc Accouting & Finance

Imperial College London (Ranked No. 4)

Student Name Home Country Grades Degree
Kailun Li China A*A*AAb Materials, Science and Engineering
Dawei Ren China A*A*AAb Mathematics and Computer Science
Huarui Huang China A*A*AA Mathematics with Statistic for Finance
Ge Jiang China A*A*A*A Mathematics with Statistic for Finance
Yi Kong China A*A*A*A Computing
Zhichao Li China A*AAA Computing
Weng Kai Wong Malaysia A*A*AA Chemical Engineering
Zi Cheng Zhao China A*A*AAC Materials and Science Engineering
Bingzhi Chen China A*A*A*A Mathematics with Statistics for Finance
Yakun Zhang China A*A*A*Ae Chemical Engineering
Dingchao Zhou China A*AAA Civil Engineering

University College London (Ranked No. 5)

Student Name Home Country Grades Degree
Delight Chisom Okeke Nigeria A*AAd Chemical Engineering
Tamerlan Aliev Russia A*A*AAB Economics
Emma Arakelyan Russia A*ABC Information Management for Business
Nursultan Bayekenov Kazakhstan ABBc Information Management for Business
Nhat Ha Nguyen Vietnam A*A*AA Economics
Daniyar Tatishev Kazakhstan A*A*AB Mathematics with Economics
Kachakh Arabin Russian A*BBD Economics & Business with East European Studies
Fanfu Wu China AAABc Mechanical Engineering
Minh Thanh Tran Vietnam A*A*A*ACb Statistics, Economics and Finance
Wendi You China A*AAB Civil Engineering
Danlei Zhang China A*A*AB Mathematics with Economics
Yu Jiang Cao China A*A*A*b Mathematics and Statistical Science
Wai Ho Chan Austrilia A*A*AAC Statistics
Minh Phuong Chu Vietnam A*A*A*A Economics
Chenyao Jiang China A*A*Aa Economics
Ksenia Korotkova Russia A*AABc Economics and Business with East Eurpoean Studies
Rauan Kuanov Kazakhstan A*ABD Economics and Business with East Eurpoean Studies
Yuan Liang China A*A*AA Economics
Yerzhan Mazhkenov Kazakhstan A*A*A*Aa Economics & Statistics
Murager Shayakhmetov Kazakhstan A*AAD Information and Management for Business
Guangning Xu China A*A*AAa Mathematics with Management Studies
Wenting Xu China A*A*AAc Economics
Xiaoyu Xu China A*A*Ab Mathematics with Economics
Sai Wing Yip China A*A*AAB Mechanical Engineering
Juyeon Yoo Korean AAB Linguistics
Tianang Yuan China A*A*AB Economics
Yingdan Zhang China A*A*A*b Economics

Durham University (Ranked No. 6)

Student Name Home Country Grades Degree
Min Yi Eunice Aw Singapore A*AAB Law
Ryan Jiu Shin Fan American A*AAAB Economics
Mei Ian Chou Macau ABBc International Relations
Zejia Ji China AABC Accounting & Finance
Suet Hang Lee Hong Kong A*BBC Business Finance
Yuen Yan Lo Hong Kong AAC Accountign and Finance
Bach The Nguyen Vietnam AAC Law
Turan Rzazade Azerbaijan AAAB Business & Management
Xiao Xin Zhou China A*A*AB Accounting & Finance
Yijun Zhou China BBCC Accounting & Finance

University of St Andrews (Ranked No. 7)

Student Name Home Country Grades Degree
Yanfang Hong China A*A*AA Medicine
Iakob Nikoleishvili Georgia AAAb International Relations
Longjian Wang China A*ABD Economics-Geography
Shu Wei Zhang China AAAD Medicine

University of Warwick (Ranked No. 8)

Student Name Home Country Grades Degree
Zarina Bayekenova Kazakhstan A*AAA Accounting & Finance
Yaoying Lan China A*A*A*Ac Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics
Anton Miroshnichenko Russia A*A*ABa Economics & Industrial Organisation
Ngoc Quy Nguyen Vietnam AABb Management
Trinh Tuyet Trinh Nguyen Vietnam A*Aaac Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics
Nam Long Pham Vietnam A*A*A*A Accounting & Finance
Aishat Abodunrin Raji Nigeria A*A*A*Aa Economics
Dheeya Ahamed Rizmie Malaysia AAAB Biomedical Science
Pei Hwa Sim Malaysia AABCb Economics
Hisham Bin Helmi Bin Talib Singapore A*A*Ab Accounting & Finance
Yuen Yin Queena Wong China A*A*A*A Economics

For more information about Bellerbys college, please read more: Bellerbys College.

CATS College (A Level Program & IB Program)

International Baccalaureate students continue to bring a real vibrancy to CATS College Canterbury as many graduate this year with excellent point scores and destinations to be proud of.

  • Average Diploma point score of 30.2 (397 UCAS points equivalent to A* A* A at A level
  • Highest Diploma point score achieved was 41 (equivalent to A*A*AAA at A level).

Read more about CATS College’s IB results:

Grade Name Rank University Degree
41 Aisha Manapova 37 Queen Mary Law
36 Xing Xueting 4 Imperial College London Biomedical
35 Anvar Hamzayev 16 University of Nottingham Law
35 Bo Re Son 82 University of Arts London Architecture
34 Krystsina Kisialiova 47 City University Economics
31 Rokas Kamblevicius Middlesex University Fashion
28 Elena Baydachenko 32 Manchester University Architecture
28 Maria Maily 43 Aberystwyth University Politics
27 Christian Dilthey n/a Maastricht Business
27 Koroye Ekpossuoemi n/a Boston, USA Computer
27 Levan Chickvadze 37 Queen Mary Politics

INTO Newton A level Program

INTO Newton A level program is very innovative and it is the only A level program on a UK University campus. Based in the University of East Anglia (UEA), INTO Newton students have the opportunity to meet with world-leading scientists and lecturers around the university campus. Students on the Science and Medicine pathway have the opportunity to do a work placement at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

  • students progressed to Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science in the UK and Ireland
  • students accepted by Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, LSE and more

Read more about INTO Newton A level results:

Meet Mr. David Few

Are you comparing Foundation Program to A level program? Are you confused? Are you unsure about which foundation program is good? Come and have a chat with Mr. David Few. It’s exclusively available in Singapore.

Mr. Few is formerly the Principal of Bellerbys College (Cambridge), the Global Admission Director and the Global Recruitment Director for Bellerbys College. He is now the Business Development director of JACK StudyAbroad and would be more than happy to advise students and parents from Singapore. The topics covers comparison of Foundation program and A level program, different foundation programs in the UK and career planning for O level graduates. Read more and make appointment here: Meet Mr. Few in Singapore.

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