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Regardless of your nationality, you need a valid student visa to study in the UK, Australia or New Zealand. Our visa experts process hundreds of student visa applications every year and are very experienced with applicants from Singapore, Southeast Asia, China and many other countries.

With our student visa application advisory services, our consultant will explain the visa application process to you carefully and guide you step-by-step. In most cases, we will prepare student visa application forms on your behalf to make sure every detail is correct for maximum success rate. You will have peace of mind with us!

Singapore is classified as a low-risk country, and the visa application process for Singaporeans is generally very easy. Despite a high approval rate, Singaporean applicants are still at risk of being refused visa if the required documents are not prepared properly. All our students receive detailed instruction on how to apply for their student visa online, and most of the time our consultants will help you with those tedious forms.

You can apply for your student visa on your own, but you need to consider the risk of losing a few hundred in application fees if your application is refused. By using our Free service, you are protected.

Depending on your nationality, your student visa application could be rather difficult. You will need to provide financial documentation and other supporting documents. Sometimes you will be asked to go through checks or to fulfil certain requirements before you are granted a student visa.

Your student visa might be refused if you do not provide sufficient documentation. It is not just about losing hundreds of dollars on application fees, your future visa applications may also be placed at risk.

We have good experience in securing student visas for applicants from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan, Brunei, Thailand and India. We will guide you step-by-step until you get your student visa.

The visa advisory service is free of charge for students who apply to universities through us. If you have already applied to a university/college and are seeking help with your student visa, please contact us and see what we can do for you. We might still be able to provide free support.

Are you in Singapore? You are eligible for our free services.

We are the overseas university application centre in Singapore. Fully funded by universities, our services are free for students in Singapore. Contact us to get free advice and assistance on your application, visa and accommodation.

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