Study Overseas in the UK

Although colonial days are far gone, the UK is still a major political and economic force in the world, with membership in the G8 and the fifth largest economy. The UK higher education is among the best in the world – 38 per cent of Nobel Laureates who studied abroad did so in the UK. In the Times Higher Education World Rankings, UK universities have 3 in the top 10 and 7 in the top 50.

UK is one of the most popular study destinations among Singaporean students. There are about 2500 Singaporean students join UK universities every year.

UK education system

Bachelor’s degree (honours) 3 Years
Master’s degree 1 Year

There are 166 higher education providers in the UK. England has the highest number – 132 providers with 1.8 million students. England is the most popular destination among international students, too.

How much does it cost?

Business / Social science: £ 13,000 – £ 18,000 /year
Engineering / Science: £ 15,000 – £ 20,000 /year
Medicine / Dentistry: 1st & 2nd year (non-clinical): £ 20,000 – £ 25,000 /year
3rd, 4th, 5th (&6th) year (clinical): £ 35,000 – £ 40,000 /year
Big mac: £ 3
Can of beer: £ 1.5
Can of coke: £ 1.2
Bottle of water 1.5l: £ 1.1
Cinema ticket: £ 10
Second hand car: £ 3,000- £ 6,000
Student accommodation: £ 5,000 – £ 8,000 / year

Which UK university is best for me?

Representing more than 70 UK universities in Singapore, we could help you to find and compare the best UK university for you. We can also help you to compare pros & cons studying in the UK and in other countries too. Funded by universities, all services are free of charge – We help you make your own decisions about studying in the UK.  Please use the contact form below to reach out to us.

How & When to apply?

The main intake for UK universities is September.

  • If you are currently in A’ levels, you can start applying from September with your forecast result. Please note that the deadline for Oxbridge / Medicine / Dentistry is in Oct.
  • If you are currently in polytechnics, you should apply when you have first 5 semester results;
  • If you are currently in O’ levels applying for Foundation year program, you can apply with the preliminary result for January intake, or apply with the actual result for September intake;

To apply, you can fill in this online application form. For your own benefit, it is more advisable for you to speak with one of our friendly consultants before applying – it is a free service funded by universities.

Are you in Singapore? You are eligible for our free services.

We are the overseas university application centre in Singapore. Fully funded by universities, our services are free for students in Singapore. Contact us to get free advice and assistance on your application, visa and accommodation.

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