Diploma Pathway – Pathway to 2nd Year of Top Universities

Alternative entry to top universities if you do not have the grades

A Diploma pathway program (a.k.a. International year one) is a full-time academic program, which is equivalent to studying the first year of an undergraduate degree. The program enables you to develop the necessary academic knowledge and to improve your study skills and academic foundations. Successful completion of the Diploma pathway program guarantees you direct entry to the second year of a range of undergraduate degrees.

A Diploma pathway program is suitable for international students who have completed A-levels or equivalent high school qualification but do not meet the academic requirement for direct entry to a desired university in UK or Australia. It will provide you with the relevant academic knowledge and study skills to succeed as a second-year degree student.

Equivalent to first year of an undergraduate degree

A Diploma pathway is not a Foundation year program. A Diploma pathway course is an academically demanding course which consists of core academic modules usually at the same or similar level to first year of a related undergraduate degree.

You will be given all the support you need to succeed – group work, personal attention, language and study skills tuition. There are Business diploma program for business degrees, science diploma program for science degrees and Engineering diploma program for engineering degrees etc. You will only focus on your chosen degree and do not need to study subjects which are unrelated to it. Essentially the Diploma program covers the subject areas of the first year of the degree.

For example, these are modules for a typical business diploma program:

  • English language and study skills
  • Management and Organizations
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Marketing
  • Quantitative Methods

Some business diploma programs may have more focus on finance or accounting modules – it varies from university to university.

Similarly, these are modules for a typical engineering diploma program:

  • English language and study skills
  • Engineering Math
  • Dynamics
  • Mechanics
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Circuit Principles

Diploma pathway program students attend university style lectures and tutorials, and classes are small – with 15 to 20 students – so they benefit from the frequent contact with teaching staff. Small classes also make it easier for staff members to carefully monitor every student’s progress and provide regular feedback throughout the year.

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