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As postgraduate qualifications, Master’s courses are intended for students who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree or other undergraduate course. But why on earth would you subject yourself to more schooling to get your Master’s degree?

In most cases, a Master’s degree is the one thing that will set you above the rest of your competitors when you begin searching for your perfect job. Education says a lot about a potential employee, and employers look for candidates who have “mastered” their field of study. A Master’s degree shows that you have the drive,  ambition and ability to take yourself to the next level.

Statistics support the well-known fact that job candidates with Master’s degrees command higher salaries than candidates with Bachelor’s degrees. They also often allow you entry into management positions straight away, instead of having to work your way up the proverbial employment ladder.

Master’s degree entry requirements

Most UK universities require international applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree (honours) or equivalent in a relevant subject, from a recognised higher education institution. In the UK, Bachelor’s grades are usually labelled as follows:

UK degree classifications Mark in the UK Overseas equivalent
First class  overall mark of 70%+ average A
Upper second class (2:1) overall mark of 60%+ average B
Lower second class (2:2) overall mark of 50%+ average C
Third class (3rd) overall mark of 40%+ average D
Fail overall mark below 40% average below D

Some universities do not specify the exact grade required for their Master’s degree but request applicants with a ‘good honours degree’. This leaves some room for interpretation, but generally you will need an upper second class degree (2:1) for entry to a Master’s degree in the UK. Some universities and courses may accept students with lower second class degrees (2:2).

Undergraduates from NTU / NUS / SMU / Australian universities without honours year are expected to have average A or B in order to apply. It is assessed on a case-by-case basis and it varies from university to university. Please contact us for more information.

In Australia and New Zealand, admissions criteria vary from program to program, but at a minimum, entry into a master’s degree at any of the Australian or New Zealand universities requires the completion of the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree, or a Graduate diploma / Graduate certificate from a recognised higher education institution with a minimum pass (50 per cent) average. NTU / NUS / SMU qualifications are accepted by all universities in this region and in most cases you do not need an honours year to apply.

Go8 universities or courses in high demand would normally ask for credit (65 per cent) average.

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