Study Abroad Options for Singapore A-Level / IB Student

A-Level / IB results day is a day of mixed emotions. For those who have achieved their desired results, there is jubilation. For those who haven’t, there is the prospect of having to re-evaluate their next steps. Locally in Singapore, you could choose from five polytechnics and four universities. You may also wish to study abroad with reputable overseas universities in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or the United States.

Polytechnic diplomas and bachelor’s degrees represent two different levels of education. The difference is not just limited to the time spent at the institution, but can also include the salary differences and the level of a job position. This is not to say that bachelor’s degree graduates will always earn more than polytechnic diploma graduates but, in the job scene, a bachelor’s degree is usually more valued than a polytechnic diploma. A candidate with a bachelor’s degree has a better chance of earning more and has a better chance of promotion in the future.

We are seeing more A-Level / IB graduates consider studying overseas. The excellent higher-education system and hundreds of world-class universities overseas promises a rich experience for international students. The degrees and qualifications from UK, Australian and New Zealand universities are known around the world as high quality and world-class. There is a wider selection of majors, too.

Overseas options after A-Level / IB

These are options for A-Level / IB Graduates who choose to study overseas:

With good grades from A-Level, you are eligible for direct entry to year one of a bachelor’s degree program at a university. A bachelor’s degree usually lasts for three to four years. You may have the option to undertake a one-year paid work placement after the 2nd year of study.

Some overseas universities are among the best in the world. Many provide degrees with a strong vocational focus and enjoy good connections with business and industry.

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If you are not qualified for direct entry into the first year of a bachelor’s degree program, you may wish to consider a diploma pathway program. A diploma pathway is a full-time academic program equivalent to studying the first year of a bachelor’s degree. The program enables you to improve your study skills and to develop necessary academic knowledge. Successful completion of the diploma pathway program guarantees you direct entry into the second year of a range of bachelor’s degrees with top universities.

A diploma pathway is a carefully designed course for students who are overqualified for a foundation year, but under qualified for direct entry into the first year of a bachelor’s degree. Read more:

If you are not qualified for direct entry into the first year of a bachelor’s degree program, you may wish to consider the diploma pathway mentioned above. If your desired major isn’t available through the diploma pathway or you wish to have more options (such as law, medicine etc), you can consider a Foundation year program.

A typical Foundation year program is a three-term (8-12 months) course that provides an intensive, fast-track route to the first year of a bachelor’s degree. Upon successful completion of the Foundation year, you will progress to the first year of a bachelor’s degree. Your place is guaranteed when you complete the Foundation year and achieve the grades stipulated in your offer letter. Read more:

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