Study Acoustical Engineering

What Is an Acoustical Engineering Degree?

Acoustical engineering is a niche speciality of engineering which is concerned with sound. Acoustical engineers work in a diverse range of careers, including music and entertainment, accessibility and product design.

What will I study?

You will begin by gaining a thorough understanding of core engineering, for example: materials, electronics and manufacturing. During second year, students study acoustics and the principles of audiology. You’ll then learn about designing and running experiments so that you can undertake rigorous laboratory testing. The course will include industry experience to give you the knowledge and creativity to tackle real-world challenges in the workplace.

See more details:

Most acoustical engineering degrees are four-year Honors/Master’s-level courses.

The first year will introduce you to key engineering concepts such as fluid dynamics, materials and mechanics. You will begin to learn the basics of acoustics: vibration theory and the physics of sound. Students learn key skills in modelling and computing which they will use to design and test ideas.

The second year curriculum builds upon the grounding received in the first year. You will learn more generalist engineering skills such as electronics and design but will also take specialist modules. These include ‘audio and signal processing’ and ‘audio capture and reproduction’. You will continue to develop modelling skills and use these during practical design projects.

During the third year, students are encouraged to undertake work-placements to gain important practical skills. In the third year you will start to specialise in areas of acoustics which interest you. Elective courses offered include ‘musical instrument acoustics’, ‘ocean acoustics and biomedical ultrasound’ or ‘building acoustics’.

The fourth year builds upon the third year’s specialisation and requires students to undertake a supervised project. This will involve using research and computer modelling to design, test and prototype a solution to an engineering problem.

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