Aerospace Engineering

What Is an Aerospace Engineering Degree?

Aerospace engineering is the science of aircraft and spacecraft. Students desiring a career in the aeronautical industry are well-suited to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering.

Aerospace engineering science, itself, is divided into two components: aeronautical engineering and astronautics engineering. Students wishing to work with airplanes, helicopters and military aircraft should place an emphasis on aeronautical engineering when studying for their aerospace engineering degree. Students wishing to work with spacecraft, or other outer space vehicles such as satellites and space stations, should emphasise studying astronautics engineering while completing their degree.

No matter which road the student wishes to take, aerospace engineering is definitely in the top number of sciences that have drastically changed the world. Aerospace engineering enables us to fly – safely – and it is now researching ways for us to fly sustainably, which is very critical considering the craft operate directly within, and break through, our atmosphere.

Aerospace engineering also enables us to explore our universe, amazing us with the knowledge that we are just minute part of such a vast and unexplained territory. Without aerospace engineering, we would not know that there are other galaxies out there, nor would we have been able to send man to the moon. Aerospace engineering also protects. Satellite surveillance and military air defence are reliant upon aerospace engineering.

Aerospace engineering works closely with other types of engineering, such as chemical, computer, electrical and mechanical engineering to design and build an innumerable amount of machinery that keeps us flying high, educated and protected. The 19th and 20th centuries would not have advanced humankind to the degree that they did without aerospace engineering. The sky is the limit on 21st century advancements and the students entering the field with their aerospace engineering degrees.

Aerospace Engineering Job Opportunities

Despite the fact that aerospace engineering is a dual-pronged science, most graduates become aeronautical – also called aerospace – engineers, a title that encompasses both the works in inner atmosphere and outer atmosphere design. These engineers are concerned with building both civilian and military aircraft, military weapon systems and associated weaponry and satellites and space aircraft.

Aeronautical/aerospace engineers generally work within a specific area of this intensive design, such as propulsion or systems integrations, rather than attempting to design an entire airplane themselves, for example. This enables the engineers to apply the scientific and technical principles learned in university to their key section of the overall design, improving safety and efficiency of the vehicle, weapon or system.

Starting salaries for an aeronautical/aerospace engineer are in line with the beginning salaries of other engineering specialties. Students graduating with an aerospace engineering degree can expect to earn £20,000 to £25,000.

As the engineer gains experience, the salary range runs from £28,000 to £45,000, with the goal being to achieve enough experience and success to become a senior engineer.

Senior engineers earn £45,000 to £65,000 or more, depending on the size of the employer they work for and the location in which they work. Students should also keep in mind that higher degrees earn higher salaries in aerospace engineering.

Aerospace Engineering Curriculum

Students studying the aerospace engineering curriculum learn to apply scientific research and development theories to the design and construction of aircraft and their mechanical components and space-related vehicles and technology. Students will study in the classroom and in facilities designed to simulate the actual aerospace engineering working environment. These facilities contain the technology necessary to effectively design and build the machinery in which aerospace engineering specialises.

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