What Is a Anthropology Degree?

An anthropology degree can give you a new perspective on the human world, providing a depth of insight into social and cultural difference and giving you an understanding of the history and behaviour of your own species.

Anthropology addresses the big question: what makes us human? It is the study of human beings: how we evolved, why we live in different sorts of societies around the world and how we interact with one another and the environment. If you have a curious and open mind, you will enjoy studying anthropology.

Job Opportunities

Only a small proportion of graduates become anthropologists, as academics or researchers. Some choose careers that build directly on anthropology, including social policy and teaching, development/overseas agencies and work for non-governmental organisations.

A high proportion of anthropology graduates work in the public and not-for-profit sectors, all branches of the Civil Service, local government, charities, central government bodies, universities, international organisations, such as the United Nations (UN), museums and voluntary organisations.

Anthropology Curriculum

Initially you are introduced to anthropology, its foundations and its leading thinkers. To enhance your understanding of biological anthropology, you can also benefit from practical learning through visits to animal parks and museums . You can observe the behaviour of primate species, study skeletons and put into practice your understanding of osteology.

Then you will take modules that further your understanding of the key areas of anthropology and social anthropology, including evolutionary anthropology, biology and human identity, and primate biology. You choose further modules from a wide range of options. You can study the anthropology of gender, business, health or creativity; take modules in visual anthropology or discover more about primate communication.

In the final year, you undertake a research project in anthropological science, choosing your topic in conjunction with your project supervisor.

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