What Is an Architecture Degree?

Architecture is a beautifully necessary form of art. Architecture is the design of buildings, and consists of planning for the building, designing the building and constructing the building. Many famous structures were designed by architects who, at the time of their design, were ahead of their time. Architecture pushes the boundary of vertical and horizontal concepts, oftentimes finding ways to design buildings that are both aesthetically pleasing and also functional within a limited space.

Many famous cities would fail without architecture. This complex design process has taken cities with limited space yet excessive population, such as New York City, and built up instead of outward to accommodate the masses. Without architectural design that can answer the challenges posed by these geographical areas, the space could not accommodate the population, inhibiting commercial and residential revenue streams and causing economic failure in the respective region.

Architecture also serves cities by providing historical and modern-day structures tourists desire to travel to and see. Some of the most popular travel destinations became that way because people flock to the cities to see the architecture. Countries such as Greece, Italy, France, England and Australia draw numerous tourists each year who are there see the historical and modern-day architecture of such places as the Parthenon ruins in Athens and Sydney’s famous opera house.

Other critical components of modern architecture include designing buildings that address a wide array of modern-day issues, such as geological concerns, legislative restrictions, environmental issues and population. Architecture goes beyond just designing a beautiful structure any city would be proud of, and faces the task of answering the question of how to build the structure sustainably and within code.

Architecture Degree Job Opportunities

Graduating architecture students most likely have the career goal of becoming an architect. These designers work with new and existing buildings, finding the best way to build or redesign the structure to the client’s needs and specifications. Architects have a close relationship with their client and the construction company tasked with realising the design, oftentimes liaising between the two. Architects usually begin their careers as junior or apprentice architects, and earn anywhere from £15,000 to £20,000. Salaries increase to £20,000 to £35,000, as the apprentice gains experience. Senior, associate or partner level architects have earning potential ranging from £35,000 to £80,000.

Architectural technologists work directly with the architect and concern themselves with the science of architecture. How do we turn the dream into reality? The structure’s design is beautiful, but will the selected building materials work effectively? Does the design meet all of the proposed construction site’s building codes? These are the important questions the architectural technologist answers. They are the technical expert to the artist’s design. Graduates begin their careers as junior technologists and earn salaries ranging from £15,000 to £23,000. After approximately three years of experience, salary ranges increase to £24,000 to £28,000. Senior technologists, who have most likely worked 10 years or more, earn anywhere from £30,000 to £45,000.

Graduates with a flair for the interior of the building should consider a career as an interior and spatial designer. An interior and spatial designer works on the inside of the building, altering the structure where needed, furnishing it using agreed-upon colour and lighting schemes, furniture and fixtures and fittings. Interior and spatial designers work with the client from the concept to completion of their project, and ensure that the inside of the building is just as fabulous as the outside. Junior designers just starting out earn £15,000 to £20,000; experienced interior designers earn £20,000 to £35,000; senior designers earn upwards of £45,000; creative/design directors might earn as much as £75,000.

Architecture Degree Curriculum

Students studying architecture learn the concepts of architectural design and how to apply those concepts to various projects. Students are encouraged to be creative in their design, expressing their individuality, while learning how to understand the implications of the design and how it affects the people and surrounding areas. Students will construct their designs both manually and using computer design software.

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