Study Architecture

What Is an Architecture Degree?

A degree in architecture will equip you with the skills to design buildings of all types from new-build housing to large public spaces. You will learn the history and social context of architectural design and you will learn the art and science of designing buildings so you can transform your creative ideas into real practical structures.

What will I study?

An architecture course will give you a knowledge of materials and their use in building, the skills to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD), knowledge of construction techniques and the opportunity to engage practically by building scale-models and taking field trips. Please click the link below to see more details:

The first year will give you a grounding in the history of architecture, as well as introducing you to the fundamentals of studio-based work such as design, drafting, model-making and drawing skills. You will also be introduced to the technology and techniques used in constructing buildings and will be asked to consider how your building designs may impact society and the environment.

In the second year you will deepen your basic studio skills by improving the special, aesthetic, structural and dimensional qualities of your design. You will also focus on understanding how to construct buildings through investigating structural details, material composition and performance of primary building elements. You will have the opportunity to learn from case-studies so that you are able to critically analyse existing buildings.

The third year will prepare you for forthcoming work placements by concentrating on professional practise. You will also explore advanced level building design, and learn details of important technical topics such as materials, façade, structure, building fabric and acoustics. You will produce your own complex project that mirrors real-life architectural design.

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