Study Biology

What Is a Biology Degree?

Biology is a broad field of science which encompasses everything from the human body to microscopic organisms. Biology equips students with robust experimentation and data analysis skills which are highly desirable in the workplace. Graduates of biology can go into careers or further study in diverse areas such as pharmacology, ecology or immunology.

What will I study?

You will study animals and plants and how they interact with each other and their environments. You’ll study themes such as disease, biodiversity and genetics. Students are given the opportunity to study complementary modules from disciplines such as chemistry and geography. Students develop strong research and experimentation skills through lab and field work, some of which will be undertaken abroad.

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First year students study three core modules: ‘genetics’, ‘cellular biology’ and ‘biochemistry’. You also undertake a practical skills module which covers laboratory skills such as using data, hypothesis testing and computer modelling. Students have the opportunity to gain professional skills by undertaking work placements during the summer break.

In the second year you will undertake further practical skills training and will complete a small independent research project following a field-trip abroad. You will take core modules in disease and pathology and plant physiology. In the second term, students have the opportunity to narrow their studies into areas of interest. Elective modules include: ‘biological imaging’, ‘pathogens and parasites’ and ‘principles of neuroscience’.

Final year students choose elective modules which suit their interests from a very broad spectrum of options. These can include ‘social insects’, ‘biology of aging’ or ‘climate change and conservation’. Students may also take relevant courses from related disciplines such as medical neuroscience or ecology. At the end of the year, students will undertake a large research project utilising all the experimentation skills that they have learnt so far. As part of this, students will have the option to undertake field research abroad.

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