Business Management

What Is a Business Management Degree?

Without a doubt, managing is the most important aspect in business. No matter how good the service or product is to offer, and no matter how in demand the service or product is by the public, if the business itself is not managed properly, it will fail and be forced to close its doors.

Business managers plan the business activities, organise the business’ goals and tasks, and lead the employees – and the public – towards successfully achieving the business’ mission. It takes a special person with highly accomplished leadership skills to successfully manage any business.

A business management degree properly trains students in all facets of business management, while affording students the opportunity to specialise in a particular sector of business management, such as marketing, finance or human resources. Once graduated, the business management student will be adequately prepared to enter into the workforce and manage his chosen business.

Some students will choose to open and run their own businesses, others will enter into and manage an existing business, and even others will have the primary responsibility of reorganising failing businesses, placing them back on the path to success. All of these managing roles require that the student understand how to access and deploy the proper resources to get the job done, and get the job done right the first time.

A business management degree is a crucial part of harnessing and empowering these critical managing skills, which will reside within any student whose career is set to be working as a business manager.

Business Management Job Opportunities

Business management job opportunities encompass many different management areas. Some students will eventually become the CEO or CFO of the business – the “top dog,” so to speak. Others will focus on financial management, human resource management, marketing management, or logistics and distribution management, to name some of the avenues which a graduating student might take.

CEO and CFO salaries are perhaps the most volatile, and depend largely upon the size of the business, whether it is private or public, its success level in its market and how the profits are divvied up at the end of the day. A small business manager might not earn the six-figure salary corporate managers do; corporate managers can become millionaires, or even billionaires, depending on their business’ success. The sky is the limit when a business manager runs the entire company.

Human resource managers are tasked with ensuring proper staffing and maintenance of the staff of the business. Once an HR officer reaches management, or senior, status, he can expect to earn £75,000 to £100,000.

Marketing directors are tasked with getting the business on, and keeping it on, the map. They must successfully make the public aware, and believe they cannot live without, the product or service the business offers. The average salary of a marketing director is £75,000.

A manufacturing business would be nowhere without logistics and distribution. These managers ensure the safe storage, transportation and delivery of the business’ goods. Logistics and distribution managers can earn anywhere from £19,000 to £60,000.

Business Management Curriculum

Studying business management is all-encompassing, and students will be exposed to everything from basic supervisory skills to running an entire organisation. Students will learn the history of business, and how it has evolved throughout the centuries to the current management techniques.

Students will also learn how to manage a business’ finances, employ and manage the appropriate personnel, market the company and its services and get the product from production to the shelves. To accomplish this, students will learn and perfect analytical and critical thinking skills, human interaction and customer service and finance and management – all crucial components to becoming a successful business manager.

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