Study Chemical Engineering

What Is a Chemical Engineering Degree?

Chemical engineering is concerned with the use of raw materials. Chemical engineers work with substances such as crude oil or hydrocarbons and, using state-of-the-art techniques, turn them into myriad useful things. Chemical engineering graduates work across many different sectors including pharmaceuticals, transportation and product design.

What will I study?

You will study a core programme of advanced chemistry, applied mathematics and biochemistry. You will then learn about innovative techniques in chemical engineering, and be taught how to analyse using computer models. You will study the latest developments in nanotechnology and biochemical research. Field work and lab-based research will form the majority of learning time. You will have the option of a year spent in industry working with petrochemicals, medicines research or plastic development, for example.

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During the first year the course will consolidate knowledge in mechanics, advanced chemistry and applied mathematics. You will learn key subjects from biology and physics, such as: cell biology, physics for engineering and organism physiology.

Subject-specific modules are introduced in second year. Students study dynamics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics and biotechnology. You will be required to undertake further modules in applied mathematics and mechanical engineering, alongside vocation-related modules in health and safety, law and ethics and economics.

The third year comprises courses on gas and liquid states, chemical reactor theory and sustainability. Students then undertake a design project during which they design and simulate a chemical engineering process as a part of a small group. Example topics include improving the efficiency of an oil refinery.

Following the three year Bachelor’s course, many students go on to study a fourth Honors/Master’s year which enables further in-depth study of a subject area of interest. Modules offered include pharmaceutical engineering, advanced fluid dynamics or interface engineering. During this year students are required to complete both group and individual research projects.

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