Study Civil Engineering

What Is a Civil Engineering Degree?

Civil engineering concerns the built environment. Civil engineers design and build everything from bridges to houses, from roads to airports. Drawing on mathematics, physics and architecture, as well as geology, geography and business – civil engineering is truly a multi-disciplinary degree. Students will enjoy a mixture of practical and theoretical teaching to prepare them for work in this exciting field.

What will I study?

You will learn how the built environment interacts with the natural environment. A civil engineering degree will equip you with knowledge of infrastructure from design to construction to demolition. You will learn through a mixture of field work, lab research and class-based teaching and will also learn practical skills such as computer modelling (Solidworks and AutoCAD, for example).

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The first year begins with a generalist engineering curriculum: mathematics for engineering, electronics for engineering and materials. You will then study modules in surveying, geology and soil mechanics. There will be a mixture of group work and individual assignments during this year, as well as field trips.

During second year you will begin to study structural analysis alongside teaching in computer modelling. You will study construction methods, and continue to learn geology and surveying techniques. Modules in the spring term include steels, hydraulics and geotechnical engineering. Many universities offer an industrial placement at the end of the second year.

The third year of a civil engineering degree is based around students’ own interests. Modules may include: reinforced concrete structures, water and sanitation or sustainable construction. Based on your specialisation choices, you will be required to undertake a personal project which will form the majority of the assessment for this year. You will undertake field research under the supervision of a tutor, alongside lab-work and lectures. Many students go on to take a further year and gain their Honors/Master’s qualification.

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