Computer Science

What Is a Computer Science Degree?

Computer technology remains one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. This technology is in high demand and changes quicker than the eye can see. A computer science degree prepares students for the fast-paced, competitive world of computer technology. This global science is behind educational tools, entertainment, logistics, medicine, security, telecommunications and transportation among many other things. Nearly every product and every business obtains its functionality via computer science one way or another.

Computer science is a multi-faceted discipline, and each spoke in its wheel cannot work without the other. Computer technology requires hardware and software engineering and interface, program development and implementation, advanced virtual application and, in some cases, even robotics engineering. These are just some examples of the critical components within computer science required to build and maintain the computer-based functionality we rely upon every day. Whether a child’s toy or an international airport’s air traffic control centre, every facet of this discipline must work together seamlessly or the heart of the operation, the computer, will not beat.

Students who are fascinated with technology and strong in mathematics are well suited for a computer science degree. Artistic students are also viable candidates, as gaming and entertainment requires a number of computer science disciplines, including computer-generated graphic art and animation.

Job Opportunities

Computer science graduates have numerous job opportunities from which to choose. Examples include working as a database administrator, games developer or network engineer.

Many businesses rely upon databases to house critical information related to their operations. Database administrators meet with clients, discuss data housing needs, design a customized database and maintain its functionality and operations. The database administrator generally also trains staff on how to use and manage the database, including tasks such as data entry, running queries of the data and generating reports. Database administrator salaries range from £25,000 to £57,500 at the senior level.

Games developers are in high demand, as computer gaming continues to be a major form of entertainment. Computer game development involves numerous computer science disciplines, including hardware and software development, programming, conceptual art, special effects and quality assurance testing. Games developer salaries depend upon which part of game development the graduate works. Quality assurance testers, for example, earn £18,000 to £25,000, whereas experienced senior level technical directors can earn more than £70,000.

Businesses and governments rely on network engineers to design and maintain a network of computer systems that meet their daily operating needs. Network engineers deal with computer network infrastructures both internally and externally, depending upon the business’ needs. Network engineers also maintain all computer equipment, ensuring the hardware and software is up to date and functional. Starting salaries for network engineers average at around £27,500. After the engineer has gained some experience, he or she can expect to earn around £42,000. Senior level network engineers earn £50,000 plus.

Computer Science Curriculum

Mathematics is a primary focus in computer science curriculum. Design and engineering are part of the degree’s requirements. Students will work individually and in teams, developing research and analytical skills to use as a foundation upon which to design and build new computer technology. Computer science curriculum also provides the basis for further specialised studies, depending upon the student’s desired career within the computer science disciplines.

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