Credit exemptions for polytechnic students

Credit Exemption or Advanced standing refers to the waiver of credits towards the completion of your current applied program. It is based on the recognition of your previous study or learning that is relevant. Successful applicants will be able to shorten their study duration!

The assessment of credit exemptions is different for each university. It is usually on a case-by-case basis and dependent on 2 main factors; Similarity of studies (modules/units) to the course applied and GPA score. Submission of your latest transcripts and course syllabus would be required for the University to assess.

Some Universities may already have an articulation with the 5 Singapore polytechnics, therefore depending on the course applied and your GPA, there may be an exemption of up to 2 years.

Examples of Credit Exemptions for Singapore Polytechnic Diploma holders (Business related degrees):

University of Sydney
  • Applying to Bachelor of Commerce
  • Entry GPA of 3.2
  • Up to 1 year credit based on relevant diploma and assessment of credit
Monash University
  • Applying to Bachelor of Business
  • Entry GPA of 2.7
  • 1 year of credit exemption, block credit up to a maximum of 48 credit points (8 units)
University of Bristol
  • For students with a polytechnic diploma, year 2 entry is possible for some courses However typically we would require a very high diploma score and that the diploma covers at least 90% of our 1st year syllabus
University of Liverpool
  • Typically, holders of Polytechnic diplomas with a B average or more will be considered for entry to year two in relevant degree programmes.

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