Study Criminology

What Is a Criminology Degree?

Criminology is a fascinating branch of social science which is concerned with crime; its causes, effects and perpetrators. Criminologists work closely with law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes and criminals. A criminology degree equips students with invaluable analytical and communication skills which are transferrable to a range of careers.

What will I study?

During a criminology course, students will learn how to analyse, investigate and research challenging subject matter effectively. You will study crime and the social, economic and cultural causes and impacts of it. Students gain skills in forensics and crime scene investigation. You will learn about forms of criminal justice. You will be encouraged to spend time working with police, forensic teams and the prison service to gain valuable insights into practical applications of the subject.

See more details:

First year students take modules to give them a solid foundation in the discipline. These include introductions to key themes and theories of criminology. You will take an introduction to forensics which will equip you with the skills to analyse real-life crime. Alongside this, you will also undertake a module in psychology for criminology: which helps you to gain an understanding of what drives criminal behaviour.

Your second year will build upon the strong theoretical foundation you gained during the first year. You will continue to develop your investigative skills through forensics training. Students choose elective modules during their second and can tailor their studies to suit their interests. Elective options include; ‘hate crime’, ‘corruption’ or ‘youth-justice’.

In your final year, you’ll use the skills you’ve gained thus far to specialise in areas of your interest such as illicit drug use, policing or racism. Students design their own research project and submit a project report of around 10,000 words. You will also be required to undertake a practical module which will take the form of a work-placement.

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