Study Economics

What Is an Economic Degree?

The job of an economist is to apply economic theories, data and statistics to uncover trends and produce forecasts for the economy. You will then establish the implications of your findings and make recommendations to various organisations such as government agencies, banks, financial institutions, education establishments and investment groups.

What will I study?

Economics will allow you to consider broad, real-world issues using formal modelling of economic relationships and testing hypotheses against data. With a large mathematical component, you will use mathematics to learn the analytical methods of economics, and will learn to apply these methods to a wide range of problems.

Year one will lay the foundations of economics and teach essential quantitative skills. Introductory courses in economics, mathematical methods and statistics will give you the foundation understanding to take a wide range of units in subsequent years.

The second year aims to build skills in analytical methods in economics. You will study micro and macro economics as well as the theory and practice associated with econometrics. Optional units may include accounting, economic policy and financial management.

The third year is your opportunity to specialise in the area of economics that interests you the most, and links to your future career aspirations. Optional modules may include Chinese economics; Latin American economy; The economic history of North America; Economic Geography; International economy and Further Mathematical Methods.

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