Study Electronic Engineering

What Is an Electronic Engineering Degree?

Electronic engineers create the devices we all use every day: small ones such as smart phones and televisions, large ones such as elevators and MRI machines. By studying electronic engineering you’ll learn both academic and practical skills. You will understand how to use creative thinking and technical ability to design and build electronic systems and devices. You will develop a thorough understanding of electronic principles and engineering techniques, which will enable you to work in the dynamic and competitive electronics industry.

What do I study?

An electronic engineering course will teach you how to create efficient, sustainable and powerful electronic devices. You will learn electronic principles and state-of-the-art engineering techniques. You will gain an understanding of the challenges facing the electronics industry such as resource scarcity, security and efficiency. Students will also learn how electronic innovation is providing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, including: climate change, cancer and poverty.

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Year one focuses on the principles of electronics and electrical engineering. The syllabus draws upon other disciplines too, including mathematics, physics and IT. You’ll study introductory circuit theory, microprocessors and engineering physics. Students will learn how to use CAD and modelling software.

During second year you will continue to use CAD software to gain an in-depth knowledge of circuit theory and systems analysis. You will take modules on signal processing, electromagnets and digital systems design. You will put your learning into practice by taking a brief and developing a prototype.

Final year students complete two projects: one individual and one in a group. These projects will bring together practical and theoretical skills by following the complete lifecycle of a new device from conception to prototype. Students also have the option to take in-depth modules including digital signal processors, audio-visual electronics and micro-electrics. 

You may have the option to extend for a fourth Honors/Master’s year or to take a year in industry between years two and three.

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