Study Fashion Design

What Is a Fashion Design Degree?

A Fashion Designer studies trends in fashion and might sketch initial clothing or accessory designs, select fabrics and oversee the final prototypes of their designs. You might design for the mass market or for more bespoke high-fashion and your job is sure to involve extensive international travel.

What will I study?

Studying fashion design will allow you to explore your creative ideas both two and three dimensionally. You will learn planning, fabric sourcing, illustration, Gerber and CAD to progress and enhance your learning, as well as learning the history and theory of fashion.

See more details:

In year one you will learn the tools of the trade through design projects including planning, fabric sourcing and visits to exhibitions and shows. You will also learn about garment construction to produce completed garments, and you will study illustration so you can begin your own portfolio. Computer technology will be introduced, allowing you to familiarise yourself with Gerber and CAD.

Year two will introduce you to yet more techniques of fashion design including tailoring and creative cutting techniques. The second year may introduce the opportunity to undertake a work experience placement to allow the practise of fashion design in a real-life context. Furthermore, a project in collaboration with an existing company will give you the opportunity to develop your collection and showcase in an end-of-year fashion show.

The final year will be focussed on your own specific interests and development. You will undertake a major design project, refining and developing your portfolio through national and international industry competitions. You will also learn career preparation and professional skills through a series of visiting lecturers and professional skills workshops.

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