Study Fine Art

What is a Fine Art degree?

A fine artist works across a variety of mediums – paper, metal, clay, wood, photography – to create sculpture, painting and drawing. They usually work independently and sell their works to museums, art galleries or directly to customers.

What will I study?

A fine art degree is focussed around the key areas of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and textiles. As well as studio and workshop skills you will attend trips to museums and galleries in major cities and will have the opportunity to exhibit your own work.

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The first year will introduce you to key areas of fine art practise by either specialising in a particular medium or working through a variety of media and processes. You will practical inductions into the areas of sculpture, painting, computer-generated art, printmaking and other media. You will also critically study recent art practise including minimalism, pop art, conceptual art and live art and you will be introduced to the study of visual images and artefacts.

In year two you will expand and deepen your practise. You’ll take part in visits and you will increase your confidence in risk-taking and experimentation. You will learn how to curate your own work within an exhibiting context and you will explore links between critical study and practice, drawing on wider perspectives in relation to your own output.

In the final year you will focus on studio practise with an ongoing working project. You will also engage in a research project which will reflect your own studio work and interests. Additionally, you will have elective modules available to you to enhance your specialist interests such as ‘Business for the Creative Arts’ and ‘Contemporary Digital Approaches’.

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