Study Food Science and Nutrition

What Is a Nutrition and Dietetics Degree?

A course in nutrition and dietetics will qualify you to work as a dietician: a registered healthcare professional. Dieticians work with patients to provide advice and guidance around healthy eating. They work alongside other healthcare professionals to ensure that the individual nutritional needs of each patient are met. Dieticians can work in healthcare settings, in food development or in the health and fitness industry.

What will I study?

You will learn about the composite elements of a healthy diet. You will study how the body processes food, and how that process can be made more or less efficient by the choices we make. You will study anatomy, cell biology and psychology. Students will gain an understanding of some of the most pressing nutritional issues: eating disorders, obesity and fast food. Finally, you will learn a range of practical skills through work-placements with qualified dieticians.

See more details:

Year one begins with fundamentals in human anatomy and nutrition: a complete overview of the systems of the body, how they are fuelled and how the metabolism works. You will study an introduction to food safety and production methods. Students will gain experience in the lab studying micro-biology.

Second year students study diseases and conditions related to nutrition: obesity, deficiency and eating disorders. Students continue to study in the lab; gaining important research skills. You will study core modules in lifecycle nutrition: considering how nutrition plays a changing roles throughout a person’s life. You will undertake your first work placement in the second term.

Final year students will continue to study human anatomy and disease. You will also take modules in food technology: considering how research and development is changing the way we eat. Students take a module in public health, and undertake two more work placements during the final year. They are also required to submit a research project into an area of interest.

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