Study Geography

What Is a Geography Degree?

Geography is the study of the physical world (including oceans, mountains and plant life) and the human world (including economics, culture and populations). Geography occupies a unique place between natural and social sciences, and consequently geographers have a breadth of knowledge and skills which make them highly employable. Graduates work in many sectors, including education, conservation and urban planning.

What will I study?

You will study both human and physical geography at first, before choosing an area of your interest to specialise in later in your studies. You will learn about key geographical themes and concepts, gain an understanding of some of the most pressing issues facing our world, and develop practical research skills through field work. You will have the option to spend a term or a whole year studying abroad, if you wish.

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The first year of the degree will give you thorough foundation of knowledge in important geographic Topics. You will key themes in both human and physical geography: earth surface processes, societies and geosystems. You will also begin to undertake field research which will develop your research skills. You will take modules from complementary disciplines, too, such as biology and ecology.

Second year students study research skills as well as a careers development module which seeks to equip students with the skills they need for work. They then choose elective modules which allow a focus on areas of interest. These may be physical geography, human geography or a mixture of both. Examples include: ‘ocean environments’, ‘alpine environments’, ‘urban landscapes’ and ‘cultural geography’. Second year students can attend field trips abroad if they wish.

Final year students choose further elective modules, usually choosing to specialise in either physical or human subjects. Students will undertake their own field research during study trips abroad. You will be required to submit a dissertation project at the end of the third year which is an in-depth study of any area of geography which interests you.

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