Human Resource Management

What Is a Human Resource Management Degree?

Human resource management is one of the most important functions within a business. Employee recruitment and development, payroll and safety and compliance are just a few of the critical duties human resource management takes off a business owner’s hands. Busy entrepreneurs rarely have time to worry about these tasks, much less the knowledge to adequately address them. It’s not the business owner’s responsibility to write an internal policy that ensures his company stays in compliance with the latest employment laws. Rather, human resource worries about that … and much more.

Human resource management coordinates with business owners, department heads and supervisors to hire and maintain the appropriate personnel. Through the expertise of the human resource management department, key company managers can simply make a list of what they’re looking for in a potential worker, sit back and watch human resource management perform its magic.

Human resource management rolls up their sleeves and screens employees, performs background checks and necessary testing, hires the right candidate, administers the new employee’s payroll, oversees the employee’s training and development, coaches the employee in safety and workplace policy, is there when the employee has a complaint, and is there when the employee needs discipline – all the while ensuring all actions are in compliance with employment, equality and diversity laws.

A human resource management degree gives students the knowledge required to perform the often complex tasks of hiring and managing the company’s staff within the confines of regulation. Human resource management is an extremely complex field, with several layers, and persons wishing to enter into this vocation would not be suited to do so without the appropriate education and degree.

Human Resource Job Opportunities

Because human resource management is so complex, there are several layers of employment opportunities. Graduating students will most likely begin as a human resource officer, in charge of such tasks as screening potential employees or administering payroll. A recent human resource management graduate can expect to earn approximately £24,375 at the onset of his or her career. This salary increases to around £30,000 for experienced HR officers.

The ultimate goal for any human resource management graduate is to work his or her way up to human resource director, as this is where the higher-paying opportunities lay. Depending on the location and size of the company they work for, HR directors earn anywhere from £75,000 to £100,000.

Human Resource Management Curriculum

Human resource management students will master a variety of skills during their study of human resource management curriculum. Employment law, diversity and tolerance, sociology and human interaction, mentoring and development, payroll and tax laws – all of these areas of study are critical to the human resource management student’s success.

Students will learn advanced verbal and written communication skills, and how to apply those skills to drafting HR policy, job postings, screening potential employees and assessing employee performance, payroll and raises. Students will learn to work independently, and as a team, to accomplish set goals and interact with “company management” in running the personnel side of business.

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