Study Journalism

What Is a Journalism Degree?

A journalist writes and reports new stories about a wide range of topics, from politics to sports and entertainment. They will need to develop story ideas, undertake interviews, fact-check, research and investigate in order to form accurate and interesting stories. A journalist might write for newspapers, magazines or websites, or they might be photo journalists or on-the-spot reporters.

What will I study?

A journalism degree will equip you with practical skills including attention-grabbing writing, shorthand, framing a camera shot and editing digital audio.  You’ll be educated on the legal and moral issues around the journalism sector, and you will learn how to uncover stories for yourself and practice turning them into TV, radio, newspaper or web content.

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In year one you will develop your skills in writing news, interviewing and production. You might learn how to structure a news story, and how to use quotes and sources effectively. You will understand media law and ethics in relation to your practical skills, and you will start to understand the wider issues of journalism and politics; media freedom; journalism and society and technology.

The second year will place further emphasis on the importance of ethical and legal boundaries. This will include learning media law and regulatory codes that apply in the UK. You will also learn more specific skills through elective modules such as the complexities of court reporting, media production techniques, political communication and investigative journalism.

In the third year you will be allowed the opportunity to delve more deeply into magazine journalism and production. You will also be able to choose from a wide variety of electives such as television and radio live production, free speech or the history of journalism. A large-scale final project will allow you to pick a specialist area and produce a piece of your own journalism which reflects your strengths and interests.

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