What Is a Law Degree?

Obtaining a law degree goes beyond practising law; it builds confidence and shapes a person. Law develops societies, challenges character, sets forth the rules and regulations under which a community must live – in short, it is the very foundation upon which a society is built, and can determine the success or failure of the citizens living within that society. A collective society living under agreeable law achieves a measurable amount of success through harmony; a combative society torn apart by law becomes militant and cannot succeed because it is too busy fighting amongst itself and the authorities overseeing it.

There is no doubt that since the beginning of time, law has changed and continually changes the world in which we live. With every law that is written and re-written, passion exudes within a society, continually reminding humankind of what is important to them. Law shapes people, their opinions, their standing within their own communities. Nothing strikes a chord quite like law. Law brings people together and tears them apart. It establishes boundaries, which some choose to stay within and others choose to challenge. Those working in the legal field have the power to enforce, challenge and adjust those boundaries. This is what makes law so important. It protects and empowers people.

Law Job Opportunities

Graduating from law school tells potential employers that the student is intelligent, determined, capable of working under immense pressure and highly skilled in research and development, negotiating and written and verbal communication. Employers consider these qualities to be of great benefit, and look highly upon the successful law student.

Law students have an innumerable amount of specialised legal fields into which they can enter, and the opportunities for promotion within the legal field are better than in many other career fields. Law students might begin their careers as practising solicitors or barristers, but the opportunities to promote higher within the court systems, enter politics or practise law at high-level positions within the corporate world are all possibilities for graduating law students.

Dependent upon where the law graduate lives, beginning salaries range on average from £24,000 to £40,000. The higher salaries are generally offered by larger law firms within highly populated cities.

As their career moves forward, law students can expect to earn salaries upwards of £70,000 to £90,000 or more, again, dependent upon where they practise law.

Judges earn much higher salaries, starting on average at a little over £102,000 and working their way up the court systems to commanding salaries of over £239,000.

Political salaries vary widely, dependent upon the area of public service the legal professional decides to enter into. Many key players in political communities begin their careers in law.

Law Curriculum

Law curriculum is complex and varied. Students learn research and evaluation skills, which they will use to interpret and apply law to complex situations. Law students will learn to analyse information using critical thinking and judgment processes. Students will improve upon existing written and verbal communication skills, and use them to argue cases and negotiate settlements.

Students will learn precision in dealing with complex issues and formulating solutions. This practise, in particular, will help students narrow down the specific area of law in which they wish to practise, preparing them for specialised classes further on in their education.

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