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What Is a Law Degree?

Law is one of the most highly respected and sought after degree courses. Some law graduates go on to undertake vocational training to become barristers or solicitors, specialising in criminal defence, human rights or corporate law. Others go on to work in the political field. Law is a challenging and stimulating degree choice, and it will equip you with many transferrable skills, whether you choose to work in the field or not.

What will I study?

You will learn the foundations of the legal system of the country in which you choose to study. This will include contract law, tort law and public law. You will then go on to study specific areas of the legal system, for example: international law, family law and criminal law. You will be able to tailor the later part of your studies towards areas of your own interest. In addition to academic learning, you will also gain practical skills in debating, researching and mooting which will prove invaluable in the workplace.

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The first year will cover the foundations of tort, contract and public law. You will learn the history of the modern legal system, and start to examine this in the context of the international legal system. You will get your first chance to improve your research and debating skills through regular competitive moots (mock court trials).

During the second year, you will continue to study international law and institutions. You will take modules in criminal law and human rights. Students then choose modules which interest them. These may include family law, maritime law or medical law. You will benefit from field trips to court, and will continue to participate in mooting. For those who wish, there will be inter-college mooting competitions, some of which are highly prestigious.

The final year is dominated by a large dissertation project which will bring together the skills and knowledge you have acquired thus far, and will be on a subject of your choosing. You will also be able to take further elective courses into areas of interest. During the third year, students who wish to pursue legal practice will be given advice and assistance in planning the next stage of their training.

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