What Is a Marketing Degree?

Oxford dictionary defines marketing as, “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”; it plays a critical role in getting a business or organisation’s message across to the public, enticing them to take a desired action, such as purchasing one company’s product over a competitor’s. Marketing is not limited to business. It is also used in non-profit outreach and political campaigns. Anything that draws public attention and attempts to influence it is marketing in one form or another.

Marketing is an important part of business and public service. Businesses rely on marketing to get – and keep – their brand in the forefront of the public’s conscience. As long as the consumer is left feeling as if they cannot live without the product or service being offered, they will continue to solicit the business offering the consumable. Many businesses have enjoyed immense success from a clever marketing plan. In fact, it can be argued that some advertising plans have actually made and broken businesses, as well as causes and politicians.

Students who desire a career in advertising should pursue a marketing degree. A marketing degree aptly prepares students to enter into the competitive field of marketing, which is far more complex than just coming up with a catchy commercial.

Marketing Job Opportunities

Students graduating with a marketing degree have the option to work directly with clients, behind the scenes or out in the public eye representing a business’ or person’s public relations. There are plenty of career opportunities within marketing, so a student should have zero trouble finding his or her niche.

Marketing graduates wishing to work directly with clients should consider entering into the field as an advertising account executive. Advertising account executives work within an advertising agency as the liaison between the customer and the agency, ensuring all the client’s needs are met and managing the marketing campaigns. Advertising account executives earn anywhere from £18,000 to £90,000, depending on experience and size of the agency in which they work.

Graduates wishing to work on the analytical side of marketing should consider working as a market researcher. Market researchers collect, analyse and present data that is used as a guideline upon which an organisation’s economic, social and political decisions are made. Where a company stands on these critical issues directly affects a consumer’s willingness to solicit it. A market researcher’s salary ranges from £18,000 to £80,000.

Graduates who want to work behind the scenes should put their marketing degree to use as a media buyer or planner. Media buyers purchase advertising time and space for their client’s media campaigns; media planners work with the advertising agencies to ensure their client’s advertising is using media for the maximum possible returns. Buyers earn salaries ranging from £18,000 to £50,000; planners make £18,000 to £80,000 at senior level positions.

Marketing graduates wanting to be “in front of the camera” should become public relations officers. Public relations officers represent their client publicly, in an effort to influence public opinion of the business or person they represent. They are called to speak on behalf of their client in both good and bad situations. Public relations officers start at £19,000, and can earn up to £100,000, depending on who they work for.

Marketing Curriculum

Marketing students are taught research, analytical and critical thinking skills to develop the ability to determine what customers want and how they want it. Students studying for their marketing degree will learn how to research and identify target markets, develop a marketing plan applicable to that target market, implement the marketing plan, and then collect and research data as to the effectiveness of the plan.

Marketing students will learn how to think creatively, plan strategically and present marketing materials using advanced oral and written presentation skills. Students will tackle marketing projects independently and within marketing teams.

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