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What Is a Mathematics Degree?

Mathematics is a fascinating and challenging subject which provides the basis of many other scientific studies. From cryptography to accountancy, the career options open to mathematics graduates are truly innumerable. Many mathematics graduates go on to further study, too. Students acquire analysis and reasoning skills as well as knowledge from a broad range of mathematics topics.

What will I study?

You will receive a thorough grounding in pure maths, applied maths and statistics but will be able to focus your studies towards the areas which interest you the most. Students are also able to study modules from other disciplines such as physics and chemistry. You will learn computational mathematics by using programmes MatLab and Python. You will receive optional careers coaching, too, and will enjoy field trips to see how maths changes the world in a practical setting.

See more details:

First year students study introductory courses in geometry, calculus and pure mathematics. You will also undertake a practical mathematics course, which examines some of the most important practical uses for maths: taxes, banking and healthcare. You will begin to learn how to use computer modelling programmes MatLab and Python.

In your second year you will continue with calculus and advanced geometry. You will also take modules in probability and differential equations. You will undertake coursework in the second year, some of which will be undertaken in a group. Students have the option to select elective modules in the second term, for example: statistical modelling or topology.

The third year is comprised entirely of elective modules which students choose according to their interests. These may include cryptography, advanced partial differential equations or medical statistics. Students complete an extensive individual project during this year. Careers coaching is offered to final year students.

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