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What is a Music degree?

A music degree provides a broad musical education allowing to specialise in the area of your choice, whether this is performing, composing, analysis or music technology. Graduates pursue careers in the music industry, teaching, music therapy and a wide variety of other fields.

What will I study?

You will study music from the middle ages right up to the present day, including how this has developed and changed with politics, society and technology. Programmes typically include performance, composition, musicology, ethnomusicology and music technology and you will be able to specialise in your preferred area by the final year. 

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Year one will introduce you to the fundamentals of analysis, counterpoint and harmony through tonal composition. You will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the history of Western music through analysis of a wide variety of set works. Instrument workshops will allow you specialise in your first study instrument, and you will be provided with a one-to-one instrumental lesson each week.

In year two you continue to receive performance tuition in preparation for a performance recital. If you do not opt for performing, you can take composition modules to hone the art of writing your own music through the study of ancient and modern composers. Elective units may include music technology; orchestration and arranging; music and the British empire; conducting and jazz theory.

In the third year you will be required to submit a large project. This may take the form of a performance recital, a composition portfolio or a written dissertation on the history or analysis of music. Elective units may include music therapy; song writing; studio techniques; commercial composition and Italian opera.

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