Study Product Design

What Is a Product Design Degree?

A product designer creates items from everyday products such as mobile phones and household appliances, to larger items such as equipment and machinery. You might create new products or improve existing ones and you would need to design, model, prototype and test.

What will I study?

You will all the practical skills necessary to work in the product design industry, as well as examining the theory behind the subject. You will gain the skills you need to develop commercial products and you will be encouraged to have a creative and innovative approach to design.

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In year one you will focus on materials and technology: applying mathematical and engineering principles to analyse basic product design problems. You will develop your knowledge of a wide range of materials and their basic properties in order to best select for your own designs. You will also do your own design project where you will create a physical/digital model or prototype.

In year two you will solve increasingly complex design problems. You will expand your skills in employing materials, media, methods and technologies associated with product design through drawing, modelling, computer visualisation and physical prototyping.  You may also be introduced to the key aspects of business management that will help you in your future product design career.

The final year will demand a depth of knowledge in product design. You will be required to explore the relationship between design and aesthetics, and you will need to identify, develop and solve a product design problem. Business development will be emphasised and will encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen as you learn how you will use your skills in forthcoming employment.

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