Study Psychology

What Is a Psychology Degree?

Psychology is the study of the human mind; its functions, development and illnesses. The field is concerned with understanding how thought processes influence behaviour. Graduates of psychology work in many different fields from management to education. Some go on to gain clinical qualifications and work as practicing psychologists in healthcare settings.

What will I study?

You will learn how the brain develops from infancy, how we learn and how we experience emotion. Students study a wide range of modules from mental health to communication. You will study modules from other disciplines, too, such as neuroscience and criminology. Students develop robust research and analysis skills from lab-based work, and will be given the opportunity to spend time conducting your own research into areas that interest you. You will be prepared to continue towards clinical qualifications if you wish.

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First year students begin by learning about key themes and debates in psychology. Throughout the first year you will study research skills and methods which will cover both qualitative and quantitative approaches. During the second term students study introductory courses in developmental and relationship psychology.

In the second year, students continue to build upon their research skills and are required to undertake small, independent projects using these skills. Students take a module on cognitive psychology covering interesting topics such as communication, perception and memory. They also take further modules in developmental psychology.

Final year students undertake a large, independent project into a research question of your choosing. You will design, conduct, analyse and report an experiment overseen by a supervisor. Alongside this, students choose additional advanced modules in areas of their interest. Options might include: “crime and justice”, “cognitive neuroscience” or “adolescent mental health”. During this year, if you wish to gain clinical qualifications, you will be given advice and training on the next step. 

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