Study Sociology

What Is a Sociology Degree?

Sociology is the study of human society. Sociologists examine how humans create and are influenced by culture and society. They are concerned with some of the most pressing problems of our age: crime, war and development. Skills such as research methods, critical thinking and analysis mean that a sociology degree will equip you to work in a breadth of fields. Typically, graduates work in social work, international development and education.

What will I study?

Sociology seeks to bring all knowledge about human behaviours into one place. This means that you will study a huge range of topics from subjects such as history, psychology and politics. You will learn about societal structures like family, class and ethnicity. You will explore social processes and institutions; examine theories about the nature of society and consider how social organisation has changed over time. Students learn valuable research skills, too.

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The first year starts by giving students a thorough knowledge of key sociological theories and themes. You will then apply these to contemporary issues in sociology such as class and warfare. Students will be introduced to research methods and skills, including data processing.

Second year students take modules in power, culture and beliefs which build upon the foundations of the first year. You will take advanced research methods which will teach you both quantitative and qualitative skills. In the second term you will choose elective modules into areas of interest. These may include ‘health and disability’, ‘gender and feminism’ or ‘crime and punishment’. Some universities encourage students to take modules from related disciplines such as international relations or anthropology.

Your third year project will take up the majority of your time during the final year. This is a large, written project into an area of your choosing which will incorporate some original research. You will also undertake three additional units, which will be into areas of interest. Third year elective options include ‘consumerism’ and ‘education, culture and society’. During the third year, students are given access to skills workshops which aim to give them desirable skills for the workplace.

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