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What Is an Aviation Degree?

Aviation is a unique course which will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to pursue a career as a pilot. Alongside practical training, you will receive instruction in aviation management and safety.

What will I study?

You will begin by receiving some basic aeronautical knowledge (BAK) before embarking upon flight training within months of starting the course. You will receive approximately 200 hours of flight training and 30 hours of simulator training whilst being delivered the associated theory and academic work through lectures and seminars.

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The first year will introduce you to Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK), as well as Maths, Physics and Statistics relevant to aviation matters. An introduction to aircraft engineering and aviation transport economics will also be delivered alongside the first blocks of flight training.

In the second year your flight training will be complemented by modules on commercial navigation, commercial meteorology, flight rules and air law, commercial aerodynamics and commercial ops, performance and planning.

The third year will focus on giving your more management training, delivering units such as airline management, air traffic management, air transport flight planning, aerodynamics and aircraft systems and meteorology and human factors. During this year you can also elect for ‘flying electives’ including multi-crew cooperation, general aviation or a research project.

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