Study Material Engineering

What Is a Material Engineering Degree?

Material Engineering is a field of study concerning materials, their creation and use. Material engineers research new materials and new uses for existing ones. Working closely with people from other disciplines (including mechanical and civil engineering), material engineers have careers in diverse fields but they are always at the forefront of innovation.

What do I study?

You will gain a thorough understanding of general engineering principles and theories, as well as mathematics and physics. You will study materials at an atomic level to gain a full understanding of their properties before studying their applications in composites. The course will cover everything from age-old materials such as iron to cutting edge materials like graphene.

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The first year of a Material Engineering degree often follows the same syllabus as other engineering degrees. It will cover a thorough introduction to engineering principles, such as: mechanics, electronics and manufacturing. You will also begin to gain CAD and modelling skills.

During the second year you will begin to study design of materials. You will use your newly acquired modelling skills to understand the behaviours of materials in different conditions. You will begin to specialise by choosing options that match your interests, such as thermodynamics or fabrication.

Final year students will further specialise by choosing one area to study in great depth. Your work will focus heavily on a personal dissertation project which will involve lab work or field research. You may also be given the opportunity to spend some time on an industry placement. Many students continue their studies for a Master’s year, in which they specialist further with a research or design project into a topic of their choosing.

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