Town Planning

What Is a Town Planning Degree?

A town planning degree is an all-encompassing planning degree. A town planning degree enables students to graduate into planning work in a wide variety of disciplines. All actively utilised environmental landscapes require proper planning for optimal space and resource usage. Town planners are tasked with taking a parcel of land and designing its use, taking into consideration a variety of external factors, including environmental impact, natural resources and population demand.

New York City is a classic example as to why a town planning degree carries a great deal of importance in today’s world. New York City planners have taken a small parcel of land and lent it the ability to support massive population, industry and commerce. Town planning goes beyond simply building up or out to ensure plenty of residential, industrial and commercial space. Graduating students with planning degrees design and maintain inter modal transport systems, sewage systems, energy grids and parks and recreation areas among other city needs.

It takes many town planners working in different capacities to address the daily needs of New York or any other city in the world, large or small. Students considering a town planning degree possess a design-oriented mind. They enjoy planning and maximising space and are quick to resolve an issue by combining analytical skills with creative thinking.

Job Opportunities

Because there are so many facets to a town, a town planning degree opens the doors to several different job opportunities.

A town planner – himself or herself – is responsible for developing and managing villages, towns, cities and any associated countryside. Town planners must take the desires of the people, businesses and politicians into account and figure out a way to combine everyone’s wishes into a perfectly designed area. Town planners rely heavily upon other developmental engineers who specialise in areas such as the environment and traffic control. Town planners begin their careers earning £16,000 to £28,000. Experienced planners can earn upwards of £80,000 when working as chief planners in the public sector.

Town planning degree graduates wishing to take a more specialised approach to their careers might opt to become a transport planner or housing manager/officer among other career choices.

Transport planners design and maintain all area transport systems, including roadways, railways, air travel and pedestrian ways. These specialised planners concern themselves solely with the transportation corridors within the town plan. Transport planners begin their work earning salaries that range from £22,000 to £24,000. After approximately 10 to 15 years, transport planner salaries increase to £32,000 to £60,000, with directors or independent consultants capable of earning £100,000 or more.

A housing manager/officer works closely with private and public housing organisations to ensure adequate housing for all who need it within the town plan. Housing managers/officers might specialise in their work and focus on ensuring adequate housing or facilities for the homeless or disabled persons. Housing managers/officers also deal with rental properties, liaising between the property owners and tenants. Housing manager/officer salaries start at £16,000 and work their way up to £50,000 with earned title and experience.

Town Planning Curriculum

Students earning their town planning degree will engage in a deep study of urban development and planning, business management, economics, politics, social sciences, social administration and law among other subjects. Coursework is heavy in planning and development, and students will be tasked with designing mock towns to ensure they are ready to tackle the real task upon graduation.

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