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What Is a Foreign Language / Translation and Interpreting Degree?

The ability to speak more than one language fluently is one of the most sought after skills in modern business. By studying a foreign language at university level students not only gain fluency but a deep and genuine understanding of the culture of the language, too. Options available include German, French, Spanish, Madarin, Arabic, Japanese and Russian. Fluent speakers of additional languages often work in translation and interpretation for business, governments or non-governmental organisations.

What will I study?

You will take regular language classes designed to improve your fluency. You will also study the culture of the language by studying in depth modules such as history, film, music and literature. All lessons will be taught in the language being studied, and you can choose to study up to three languages at once if you wish. You will be required to spend some time studying abroad: a fascinating opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture of your choice.

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In first year, students will undertake intensive technical lessons into the language(s) of their choice. These will cover grammar, writing, reading and speaking. Students who wish to can also take a further language at beginner’s level. Technical lessons are complemented with cultural electives. Examples of these include ‘the French revolution’, ‘Germany between 1971 and 1945’ and ‘Contemporary Chinese culture’.

Second year students will then continue their main language(s) onto advanced level. By the end of this year, they will be considered fluent. These technical lessons are complemented by further elective models taught in the chosen language. These include ‘Contemporary French Cinema’, ‘the cultural diversity of Latin America’ and ‘a cultural history of Berlin’.

At the end of this year, you will be preparing for a year abroad. Whilst here you will either attend university or a work placement whilst immersing yourself in a new culture. If you are studying more than one language, your time will be split between different countries.

Final year students take further elective modules at an advanced level to reflect their fluency. These include in-depth studies of niche subjects, for example; ‘the politics of Columbia’, ‘Cultural expressions in contemporary Japan’ or ‘German representations of the holocaust’. Third year students also receive practical skills training in translation and interpretation.

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